Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Second hand

Flea markets rule. Not for buying but selling (in my mind). I have found my niche in those. They combine my greed for money and urge to organize home in 5S-spirit. The rationale is - if you haven't needed something for 2 years what's the probability you need it at all and what is the cost the storage space it take? Of course memorabilia items are not counted. To my mind it's wiser to sell the stuff with minimum loss and then buy them back later IF needed (probably not). Also I noticed that most of the stuff we sell is not the quality stuff, but the low end which we have replaced with something more valuable or of high quality. You shouldn't save in the wrong place.
Again the old saying, poor can't afford to buy cheap.
Flea markets are also delightful places to meet colorful people. Haggling is not my trade, actually i'm awful in it, giving in all the faults in the sellable items. But I'm learning to set my words and products right. And it's delightful to notice that some item finds a new home and that receiver actually joys to have it.