Monday, February 27, 2012

Remote eyes (2)

in harrypotter, there is an invention by innovative Weasley brothers, called extendable ears. On the same lines, how about extendable eyes, or maybe remote eyes would be a better term. There come situations where you would like to know or actually see, how many people there on the town square, how much the product costs in another store, or whether there is an empty parking slot just around the corner.

At that instant you could summon people who see what you would like to see, via cameraphone etc.
What you need is a mobile app where you could order a location based photo, live. Photo is taken by a passer-by, not familiar to you. Of course there is the question of payment. Someone could do it for free, some other would require some kind of reward.

- - - -
first published 2007 (still I'm not aware of a service of this kind)