Monday, January 17, 2011

not yet nine o'clock news

I belong to generation X which means that I still like to watch news on tv and also lately I have gotten the habit of reading the morning paper, in the morning. Those are the remains of two older generations of communication. The youngest one, web still searches its dominant design. Or maybe it has been chosen already, we are just too close to see it.

One big difference between the first two and the web is the finate and limited scope in the first two. The news on tv take that 10-15mins and after that you know everything worth knowing or at least you have that sense of control. In a similar way reading the morning paper takes that 15-45mins forming a kind of ritual with that cup of coffee.

I have found browsing web news different, or maybe it's just me. I haven't found the right habit of browsing web with morning coffee. It's too activating and serendipitous.