Saturday, January 9, 2010

ritualistic shopping

went to local bookshop and made the regular tour there. i have a standardized route there, a reminiscent from the times when I visited the place on a weekly basis. It is actually rather soothing to stroll the familiar corridors and check the same shelves, new books, popular science, business light reading, physics, economy, philosophy. The calm atmosphere of the shop is one essential ingredient in the "meditation" as well the transitions between the shelves/departments. You can't get the same kind of process in My bookshop tour has a beginning and end. It's kind of ritual. The same as morning paper, it's not the same if you check the news from the newspaper's website. The newspapers site as well as are infinite, endless. Which of course is also a nice feature, but initiates a different kind of tour, more like random walk or never ending story.

another interesting feature in my tour I've been observing, whether someone else has the same tour. I've had some partial matches but not 100%. I would consider this as an analog version of amazon's "customer who bought this.."